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Whether you are still planning or are committed to a particular career, you should use your time at Penn State to build your skills and knowledge. Successful careers are made up of two levels of skills and knowledge. Underlying every career is a broad knowledge base and a set of strong transferable skills. Transferable skills are interpersonal skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, data management, budgeting, and time management. They are called “transferable” skills, because they can easily be transferred from one occupation to another.

A modern doctor must have a broad knowledge of medicine

We have done this precisely to promote a broader knowledge of European employment strategy.

Sarves's Hut: Broad knowledge vs Depth knowledge

We need to see the reading comprehension problem for what it primarily is–a knowledge problem. There is no way around the need for children to gain broad general knowledge in order to gain broad general proficiency in reading.

What word describes a person vast broad knowledge?

In the 20 years that I have been doing "digital" work, the same question has always weighed heavy on me. Should I focus my career on deep knowledge of a specific technology, or should I try to gain a broad knowledge of technology in general. Before you can answer this question for yourself, it's important to carefully consider your career goals.

Carol Rimmer outlines the programme planning she uses to provide students with broad knowledge.
Helping students gain broad knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and have real-world experiences are hallmarks of students' experience at the small, liberal arts colleges and universities that make up Minnesota's Private Colleges. For this story, we talked with business leaders from Medtronic — the Minneapolis-based, Fortune 500 medical technology company — and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. Both confirmed that they value these qualities. They shared other traits employers look for — and what they'll need in the future.My experience with the R&D development of MadeUpCo and our work with other industry leaders through MadeUpIndustryBody has given me a broad knowledge and understanding of the subject.The simple "I have a broad knowledge and understanding of the subject" should suffice. The main thing that will make it not seem boastful is the grounds you have for making the claim.A liberal arts education provides a breadth of knowledge spread throughout many disciplines. To this end, students will take courses in each of eight different areas that are grouped by similar approaches. The areas chosen follow closely the mission of the College, which specifies that students learn to be aware of the achievements of the past, learn an appreciation of the arts, understand the methods of science, and become responsible members of a world community that is diverse and constantly changing. Broad knowledge will prepare them for an evolving society, and equip them to take leadership in its formation.
Graduates at this level will have broad knowledge and skills for paraprofessional/highly skilled work and/or further learning

Broad knowledge or Specific knowledge

First, it is easier to overcome problems in life when having an extensive knowledge in many issues. A person who have broad knowledge can consider the problem in several aspects and innovate the best solution. For example, my father is accountant, he also got other credits on business, medical, another two languages. So when I have trouble in my work, I usually ask him for suggestion because of his experience enlarging my viewpoint. Being aware of the importance of general knowledge, I try to study more everyday to improve myself.

I was thinking which one is good… broad knowledge or depth knowledge… Last 7 or 8 years..

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Ironically, "We are able to boast of a broad knowledge…" can sound less arrogant even though it claims to be boasting, because it suggests a degree of self-awareness. It would though IMO be more boastful in the singular than the plural (because if you are boasting as part of a team, then that can suggest your pride in your colleagues rather than personal arrogance), and as such I'd be more cautious of using it with I than with we.

Having broad knowledge of many subjects is better than specialization in one subject

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To the extent that other forms of learning follow this same slow pattern of accretion, these results argue in favor of a broad, curriculum in the early grades, and one which would also, of course, encourage children to probe deeply into subjects that interest them. A broad curriculum builds vocabulary. The critical academic difference between advantaged and disadvantaged children is a difference in vocabulary size. Imparting broad knowledge to all children, starting in preschool, is the best way to enable all children to acquire a broad vocabulary, and, more generally, achieve equality of educational opportunity.