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In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Marcus Brutus inflicts upon the reader a feeling of great pity and terror because he is not completely evil or completely virtuous, but partly both. These qualities make Marcus Brutus a tragic hero by Aristotle's definition. On the account of his being a tragic hero, Brutus's flaws that inevitably lead to his destruction are the decisions he makes. On Brutus's crusade to keep a republic that is inevitably lost to monarchy he, lets Cassius persuade him to join the conspirators, puts trust in Mark Antony, and kills himself. Brutus, because he is a noble man believes that other people will also conduct themselves in a noble manner and will be true to their word. By believing in other people Brutus gets caught in a string of events that lead to his tragic hero status.

In Julius Caesar, how was Brutus a tragic hero

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What is it that made a murderer like Brutus a hero? Why is it that even though Brutus took part in the killing of Julius Caesar an innocent senator of Rome, his death is still considered a tragedy? The answer to these questions lies in Brutus’s motives. When he joined with the conspirators, he was told that the killing of Caesar would save Rome from tyranny. Believing this lie, he carried out with the killing. He did not know the true reason they conspirators wanted Caesar dead, which was because of their envy and contempt. Brutus’s tragic flaw was that he was too trusting, and in him being easily persuaded, he was being used unknowingly. In William Shakespeare’s play , Brutus is portrayed as a man with strong character who did not discover the truth until it was too late. This is what makes Brutus a tragic hero, and in this Shakespeare shows how one minor flaw in character that is taken advantage of can bring even the most respectable of men down.
Persuasion is the primary cause of Brutus’s downfall. He is persuaded by everything that appeals to him and trusts anyone that says that. Due to this Cassius, one of the conspirators used his sinister persuasions to draw Brutus to his side. Because Cassius wanted Brutus to help kill Caesar because he was a friend of him, he made him felt like a powerful and wanted man. Cassius said:

Why is Brutus a Tragic Hero?
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