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1. It is very simple, go any Net One store or Authorized Agent
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2. Buy a Net One Internet Access Modem
3. Buy a Ne Kuya internet plan that suits your needs
4. Make your self-registration

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Not Chinese - I won't buy a net net stock of a company that is based in China or has major operations in China. Basically, While there are probably good Chinese net net stocks I just feel it's better to avoid this group as a whole.

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First off, it's a whole lot cheaper to just go and buy a bully net, so if you are would rather save a few bucks, just go and buy one. We found a few at World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada this year for $19.99. The problem is, will they have them when you get there? Another negative about trying to purchase a ready made one is that the poles are about 6ft long. The ones we made are extendable from 6-12ft long. If you are 6 ft tall and the deck of your boat is 1-3ft above water, you don't have a lot of pole left when you are hunting in 3 ft of water. Having the ability to change the length of your pole can be a great asset.

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Even though I didn't BUY a net until 2005 I've had a net far longer than that

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