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Additional causes of immigration include war in immigrants' countries of origin - a factor that generates refugee flows both within and without the African continent. Currently, the heaviest refugee flows come from countries like Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Angola. Some of these countries have been involved in long-term political upheaval, which in the case of Mozambique was compounded by a natural disaster in 2000 just when the country seemed to be headed for recovery. For many countries in Southern Africa, a lengthy drought in the summer of 2002 creates similar problems.

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To recapitulate: The most comprehensive explanation of the causes ofimmigration a century ago is to be found in the disruptions visited on Europeansociety by population growth and the Industrial Revolution. The United Stateswas, to use the language of the law, the incidental beneficiary of thatupheaval. The swelling immigrant neighborhoods in turn-of-the-century Americancities were, in effect, by-products of the urbanization of Europe. And oncelanded in America, immigrants accommodated themselves to the largersociety -- not always easily assimilating, but at least working out a modusvivendi -- without the kinds of conflicts that have afflicted other multinationalsocieties. That mostly peaceful process of accommodation came about because ofthe relatively small numbers of immigrants at any given time, because of thehealth of the economy, and because of the constraints on alternatives toaccommodation inherent in the plural and dispersed character of the immigrantstream.

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Broadly speaking, the causes of Polish immigration have been political, religious, and . While conditions have been the direct cause, it must be borne in mind that the indirect causes, political and religious, are quite as potent as the . Prussianizing, which lately has assumed a religious as well as a political aspect, renders the progress of distasteful to the Poles, because whatever progress is made must be along lines. The gave the American Poles many of their noblest , through whose influence thousands of Poles came to America. While Prussianizing by means of class legislation, expropriation, and colonization has not been very rapid, its methods have been attended with a certain measure of success. The prosperity of Western has checked the emigration of Poles from the empire, and the Poles already form an important and growing part of the population of and the Rhenish provinces.

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In this video, we will review the different theories explaining the causes of immigration from Latin America to the United States. While reviewing these theories, we will look at specific countries with a history of migration to the United States and explain how these histories fit into the different theories of migration.

The issue of immigration shook up the country and bedeviled Congress last year, but rarely do we examine the root causes of immigration.

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On the other side of the border, HIP promotes economic development in Latin America, focusing on communities that have lost large portions of their populations as a result of people leaving in search of greater opportunity in the U.S. The root cause of much immigration is poverty and economic inequality in Latin America, and we want to change those underlying realities, so that when people do make the decision to migrate to a new country, they do so by choice—not out of necessity, and not in desperation.

Another cause of immigration is education opportunities; it will certainly cause directly having better future for children. Read more here:

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Through the Transnational Program, HIP seeks to address the root causes of immigration by supporting economic development projects in Latin American communities that face severe levels of poverty and have lost as much as half of their populations to emigration.