The Conflicting Societies in Lord of the Flies

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What are the internal conflicts in Lord of the Flies

There were many main conflicts in Lord of the Flies

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the main conflict in the lord of the flies is that there are a lot of young boys stranded on an insland out in the middle of nowhere and they dont know wheather or not someone is going to save them. they are running out food and ideas to stay alive. the main thing that they think of is to build a fire to create smoe to attract attention, whether it be from an airplane or a ship out at see. they take turns watching over the fire. another main conflict is team work. not all of them really want to do any work to get off the island. some, like jack, just want to hunt all day and others just want to play all day when there is work to be done to help survive on the island.

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The principal conflict in Lord of the Flies, is person-versus-self. William Golding uses the book to describe the output of good and evil that is within us all. It becomes evident when the boys use killing and savagery in replace of civilization. William Golding decides to use the island as a place where, without order, the evil within us is forced out. However, William Golding also clearly states that the evil within comes out more than once. Like with the current war.

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Identifying the principal conflict in Lord of the Flies may require a bit of careful consideration

Handout: “Plotting Conflict in Lord of the Flies”: See Appendix

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