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Interesting margin notes define Shakespeare terminology and describe other interesting aspects of the time period in which he lived, and there are lots of illustrations and photos throughout. I was particularly interested in finding out the difference between herbs and spices since we have an herb garden that we created several years ago when studying the middle ages. (If you've never grown herbs, most are very easy to grow. I've killed many a plant, but my perennial herbs are still heartily growing. It's also fun to grow plants with names like wormwood and soapwort!)

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Written in a lucid, non-technical style, the book starts with the story of how the English language changed throughout the sixteenth century. Subsequent chapters define Shakespeare's main artistic tools and illustrate their poetic and theatrical contributions: Renaissance rhetoric, imagery and metaphor, blank verse, prose speech, and wordplay. The conclusion surveys Shakespeare's multiple and often conflicting ideas about language, encompassing both his enthusiasm at what words can do for us and his suspicion of what words can do to us.

If called to define Shakespeare's faculty, I should say superiority of intellect, and think I had included all under that.
Appropriately enough, translation has come to define Shakespeare's legacy

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Generally critics of the 17th and 18th cent. accused Shakespeare of a want of artistic restraint while praising him for a fecund imagination. Samuel Johnson, while agreeing with many earlier criticisms, defended Shakespeare on the question of classical rules. On the issue of unity of time and place he argued that no one considers the stage play to be real life anyway. Johnson inaugurated the criticism of Shakespeare's characters that reached its culmination in the late 19th cent. with the work of A. C. . The German critics Gotthold and Augustus Wilhelm von saw Shakespeare as a romantic, different in type from the classical poets, but on equal footing. Schlegel first elucidated the structural unity of Shakespeare's plays, a concept of unity that is developed much more completely by the English poet and critic Samuel .

There have been a number of attempts to define Shakespeare's own debt to this little book

This version of The Complete Works of Shakespeare is unique

These kinds of boxes predominantly define Shakespeare's plays for us today

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