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: We are pleased to present the first instalment of a four-part essay about science in fiction by Jennifer Cryer, biochemist and author of debut novel , reviewed . In this opening section, Cryer introduces her argument.

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We owe the phrase about “participative and shared knowledge” to DANIEL HERMELÍN BRAVO, professor for science and technology communication at the Eafit University in Medellín, Colombia. He quoted a participant of an Eafit conference and closed with this citation a thoughtful academic essay about science and technology and the Eurocentric heritage of Latin America and his native country.

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The contemporary issues were, of course, anxiety over the spread of communism and the consequences of a nuclear disaster and radioactive fallout. As Susan Sontag wrote in her famous essay about science fiction films, "The Imagination of Disaster": "there is a historically specifiable twist which intensifies the anxiety. I mean, the trauma suffered by everyone in the middle of the 20th century when it became clear that, from now on to the end of human history, every person would spend his individual life under the threat not only of individual death, which is certain, but of something almost insupportable psychologically—collective incineration and extinction which could come at any time, virtually without warning."11

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The writer points of view and arguments have to be supplied by the reliable facts and data from the different sources. It is very important and useful to add to the term paper various relevant tables, figures, quotations of experts in the field. And at the final stage it is necessary to make the conclusions on the analyzed essay about science, in other words it is the logical summary of the key points and results of the work that also has to be arranged in a comprehensive way for the reader to understand them. Well, the chapter/essay I read seemed to have more to do with religion than science. I’m not sure flaky creationist is a fitting description. The author (J.G.) even alluded to Charles Darwin. Too much of the essay though had to do with concepts that came from religuous sources. I could imagine him searching for the Mother Teresa/Florence Nightinggale gene. I think it was instructive that the psychoanalyst turned to was Carl Jung, perhaps the most mystical of the early analysts. He also bashed scientifically oriented thinkers of a political slant, right and left, but especially those of the left. I guess the implication was that the middle road was the only Right way. There is a place for philosophy and speculative thinking, but that place is certainly not in a chapter/essay about science. Science is about what we can measure, and it can be used for good or evil. It is not innately good or evil. Science is not the transforming element people have the potential to become. Science is only a useful tool at their disposal. Secular humanism, by the way, isn’t science either.
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: We are pleased to present the third instalment of a four-part essay about science in fiction by Jennifer Cryer, biochemist and author of debut novel , reviewed (catch up using the link above right). In this section, Cryer explores the contrasts in the use of language in the literary and scientific contexts and to highlight the difficulties in transferring ideas from one discourse to another.

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Science is a vast field of human knowledge about the world in which the centenary experience of all mankind is collected. In addition to that science is also practical use of such knowledge. So, how to write an essay on science in a proper way? To answer this question it is recommended to learn what the essay is in general.
An essay is a short based on writer’s opinion and vision of the subject. Among many topics and an essay about science is composed mainly by high school students or Uni students who have desire to continue or continue the studies in the science field.

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In the following works, CSSF Director, Professor James Gunn, offers some of his own insight about science fiction. First, here are five critical essays about science fiction: