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Hello, I’m Megan Warner from USA. In my English class teacher assigned to write essay on English and not given any essay topic for us. But she asked to write about any interesting topic... So I decided to write essay about introducing yourself. What do you think about the topic? I know it is a very common topic and I didn’t find any other topic other than this. Or should I need to change my essay topic. If so what is the other good topic to write essay on English? Please give some reply for my post without any doubts. Any suggestions are great appreciated...

Essay Introducing Yourself Struggling with your essay’s introduction

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300-word essay introducing yourself as a writer to your classmates and me. How would you describe yourself as a writer? What are some of your

Essay about introducing yourself, help me

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7. If you live overseas or interstate and strongly believe you will be unable to attend the interview, ensure that you attach a complete Curriculum Vitae of your previous education, achievements, and any work experience, and a 600 word Personal Essay introducing yourself and illustrating why you wish to study this course at OPIE.

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Please write an essay introducing yourself to the Selection Committee

An autobiographical essay introducing yourself, the way you think, and the way you express yourself

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