Accept Gays in Society Amamoo tells African Leaders.

The actress also asked a good question, what were we going to do to all the gays in society. Kill them? Ostracise them? She doesn’t realise her fellow countrymen have no problem with taking that approach.

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"Acceptance of gays in society varies widely". Washington Post. Jump up

because of some tolerance and acceptance of gays in society

A. I was making a point that gay characters are so commonplace now that it really isn't an issue, which is how it should be. Several of the series you cited are domestic sitcoms about married couples with young children. Who on Everybody Loves Raymond would you like to be gay? Same for Daddio and The Hughleys. By the way, you left out The Simpsons. How often does the lesbian plot line have to surface on Friends to meet your quota? What about the most prestigious comedy slot on TV, Thursday night at 9, being turned over to Will & Grace? Or the biggest hit in years, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, acknowledging gay partners? On the final night of the season on WB, Dawson's Creek featured what was billed as the first passionate male gay kiss on network TV. It was followed by Felicity, whose hour was dominated by a marriage of two gay men. That neither was considered a big deal is a pretty big deal, I would say. The percentage commonly quoted for gays in society is 10. I'm not into counting, like you are, but I feel safe in saying that well more than one in 10 network series features gay characters and story lines.

gays in society and to the elaboration of gay identity

‘Email campaigns should begin to explain that the gay community is real. This should then transform into community awareness campaigns on the ground to change the negative image of gays in society.

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Where were gays in society during the time the Black Civil Rights Movement was gaining rights for Blacks? This is the period for the Gay Civil Rights Movement, but who to say 40 years down the line, gays will not be still suffering discrimination?
Before you speak, try and understand the other group’s plight; gays aren’t living in a bed of roses, despite the advances being made. Gay youths still make up the highest percentage of homeless youths as their parents kick them out their homes for simply being who nature has made them.
Blacks had it hard during the great days of racism, but which is worse a stranger hating you or your own flesh and blood, which is the experience of many gays?
Indeed, one of the main pillars of “Oprahfication” was an acceptance of gays in society

But how will that change the status of gays in society

And the media went freaking nuts. "Pope Francis calls for inclusion of gays in society, saying he has no right to 'judge'," a headline on the 's website read. "Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?" trumpeted the , , and .

No amount of public policy or cultural change increases or reduces the number of gays in society

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The biggest opposition to gays in our society has to do with seeing them as being fundamentally different than the "rest of us". Openly gay professional athletes would help to broaden people's understanding that gay people are in every profession in life and have the same interests that we all do. The area of sports is especially a good one, because it is seen as being strictly a male dominated activity, or female dominated one, and so a gay athlete of either sex would help to open up acceptance of gays in society.

passive or active opposition to the full participation, with full rights, of gays in society

HOMOSEXUALITY: Advantage to society; Equal treatment

In February of this year, that would give explicit permission to businesses to discriminate against people involved in gay marriages. In the run-up to the eventual veto, conservative pundits largely supported the bill, arguing that anti-discrimination laws are liberty-infringing and overly blunt instruments for tackling the ongoing animus against gays in society. Instead, as has been their line since the Civil Rights era, conservatives implored that people take the battle out of the courts and legislatures and into the market and civil society.