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A Separate Peace(John Knowles)A Separate Peace written by John Knowles is about two boys who are best friends and worst enemies. The characters names are Gene and Phineas, also known as Finny. ... Also do not let jealousy control your actions, you never know what could go wrong from it. Another theme of the story is that there is a little jealousy in us all. ... They are good at separate thing, but not the same. ...

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Gene and Phineas. Gene study hard and is the one of top students in the class;

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I think that you bring a really good point out, especially since you've actually shared rooms with your brothers before. And I think that you're right that Gene and Phineas share a closer bond because of that. I've never shared a room with any of my siblings before, and I still have a great relationship with them, but it's still different.

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Socratic Question: Is Gene and Phineas friendship genuine?
It states it many times in the book, Gene and Phineas are best friends. But is their friendship really all that it seems to be? Phineas tends to make Gene do things he is uncomfortable with, such as jumping out of the tree everyday. Even so, Gene never speaks up or says no. To me this relationship between them is very toxic. One of them is going to end up hurting one another eventually.

Why do you think Gene and Phineas were in competition with each other? Do you think Phineas viewed Gene as a competitor?
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How are Gene and Phineas different?

Gene is very cautious about his relationship with Phineas. He feels like Phineas is trying to always one up him and make him jealous of things that he doesn't have a lot of success in. At first he thinks that Phineas doesn't want him to succeed in things that he does well at, such as his want to be valedictorian. Gene loves Phineas, and he loves the fun they have to together, but at the same time he's confused if maybe Phineas feels the same way, or is trying to distract him from his goals.
Phineas has pride in what he does, but he doesn't like it getting in the way of his friendship. He always has Gene join him in his crazy ideas. Phineas doesn't share his feelings often, but he shares them more than Gene, which is why I think he assumes things about Gene that maybe aren't all the way true. For instance, he knew that Gene was very smart and did well at getting good grades, but he didn't realize that Gene actually worked at it, he thought that it came naturally.
Overall, I don't think that Gene and Phineas knew each other as well as they thought they did, but they maintained a friendship.

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Relationships aren't perfect
I agree wtih you until the end I don't think their relationship is broken but, it needs a little touch up. I think this because Gene and Phineas are diffrent so they grow off of eachothers weakness making eachother stronger and giving eachother diffrent views of life. They have a lot to work on with their friendship like making it so Gene gets some say but, just because their relationship isn't perfect doesn't mean it's broken. I think they learned more about eachother seeing eachother when Phineas came back because they got to see who they really are.

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What I've seen from the book that lead to all the negative events was anger and jealousy. These two things have never been good. Those things, you were told not to be. Never be jealous. Never get angry. Those actions lead to regrets, for example, pushing someone out of a tree. Both lead to Finny's death. Both of those things, not only broke his leg, but, his trust. Finny was a better man than Gene for forgiving him, because not a day later, Finny died.