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Another issue often raised by critics concerns the causes of global warming, and, in particular, the claim that it is the result of human activities. Leading scientific theories hold that global warming is the result of the ‘enhanced’ greenhouse effect in the earth’s atmosphere, and, moreover, that this effect is connected to human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

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However, there is also a disjunction between the widespread acceptance of global warming and people being prepared to change their routine behaviour to help tackle it, which Anthony Giddens calls ‘the Giddens Paradox’. This paradox states that as people experience no clearly tangible effects of the dangers of unchecked global warming in their everyday lives, they will not change their environmentally damaging actions. Yet if they wait until global warming clearly interferes with their lives, it will be too late to do anything about it.

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I was so disgusted with the global warming tripe in the media, I have been writing to the scientists at Real Climate, they don't like me mentioning that global warming is well funded junk science...or that global warming is the product of weather weapons using HAARP and chemtrails...They won't even argue the argument that the atmosphere is layed due to gasses having different molecular weight, lighter the gass the higher it rises, CFC's and CO2 are heavier than the Oxygen Nitrogen troposhere air mix and thus sink. No way for heavier gasses to either insulate the surface temps via greenhouse gas tripe or break down ozone layer which is way up, statusphere level...CFC's sink readilly, they are heavy gasses.

If the actually think there is no global warming then how about sell everthing you own and purchase water front property in the Maldives.
So what is global warming and what causes it? Global warming is the increase of the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere. The process of global warming works by the sun’s light waves entering earth’s atmosphere and heating up the earth and is then re-radiated back into outer space in the form of infrared waves. Under normal conditions some of the infrared waves are trapped on earth by its atmosphere. This keeps the temperature of earth at equilibrium so that its inhabitants can survive. Under our current conditions, however, the infrared waves that used to leave earth’s atmosphere are trapped along with the usual amount and this is causing the temperature of our earth to change from its usual equilibrium to a hotter climate which is dangerous to our survival. These infrared waves are trapped by the thickening of our earth’s atmosphere. This occurs from the huge quantities of human carbon dioxide and also other greenhouse gasses that are added to the atmosphere every minute. Greenhouse gasses areGlobal warming is now a central problem of all states and countries as it affects not only the rising temperature of the earth but is also the main cause of several calamities throughout nations. Several researchers are now looking for alternative solutions to the increasing problem in nature and looking deeper into the problems that cause such. Some of the manifestations of this concern are the natural calamities like global warming, heavy floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. As part of this agenda, a lot of institutions are instilling awareness to the people, particularly students and masses regarding the current state of the earth. And as a means to an end, academic institutions are requiring its students, professionals, and committed individuals to develop global warming thesis.
Global Warming affects the natural balance of environment. The world climate is going a significant change day by day.

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Continued information dissemination about effects and causes of global warming will remove the arrogance or ignorance that could result from lack of such knowledge. Incorporating environmental studies and especially on global warming in the school’s curriculums will see to it that students understand the plight of global warming to mankind at an early age.

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One of the main aims of writing global warming thesis is to provide social awareness to people to the present and worsening condition of the earth. Aside from awareness, writing a thesis on global warming widens one’s understanding and provide better and logical knowledge as to what causes global warming and the most efficient and feasible solutions to address it.

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In a second criticism, Anthes et al. (2006) point out (quite accurately) that Pielke et al. (2005) failed to discuss the relationship between global warming and rainfall, sea level, and storm surge as related to tropical cyclones. The explanation for this neglect is simple—there is no documented relationship between global warming and the observed behavior of tropical cyclones (or TC impacts) related to rainfall, sea level, or storm surge. . .