Subject: Introduction memo instructions

To type special keys, you must program a string of characters, called an escape sequence, into a single selection on your AAC device. The reason this string of characters is called an "escape sequence", is because the string begins with the escape character. The escape character is a special character, created differently on the various AAC devices. For some AAC devices, the escape character can be created by selecting the control function along with the left bracket (^[) while on other AAC devices, the escape character is part of a special programming overlay. For the remainder of this introductory memo, we will refer to the escape character like this,

Subject: Introduction memo instructions

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Each winter, parameters for the budgets are established by the Budget Advisory Committee, composed of representatives of senior level administrators and faculty. Once the parameters are set, budget managers and other authorized individuals receive an introductory memo to the budget process for the year with instructions, deadlines and links to the detailed procedure.

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Project Assessment Memoranda (15%) You will provide an introductory memo and 3“assessment” memos with your instructions, progress report, and researchproposal.

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In an introductory memo to panel participants, Dr. James Smith, deputy director of the FDA's division of metabolism and endocrinology products, noted that for two decades the agency has used a reduction in LDL as a surrogate for a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events.

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Beginning July 1, 2010, the State of New Hampshire in conjunction with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Compass Healthcare Advisers began offering a new pilot program called Compass SmartShopper. The program is designed to help lower healthcare costs by providing employees with cost information for common elective medical procedures diagnostic tests, and providing financial rewards if they choose to receive these services from a cost-effective New Hampshire provider. Click for the Introductory memo for Compass SmartShopper from the Division of Personnel.

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