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The painting, "American Venus", was Julian Ritter's most famous nude

"The Trap" composed by Julian Ritter

As mentioned above, Julian Ritter was lost at sea for 89 days. He and his crewmates, Laurie Kokx and Winn Heiringhoff were without food for 40 days subsisting on an algae soup scaled from the sides of the hull.

"Silent Blue" composed by Julian Ritter

I agree! The idea of being lost at sea is terrifying. In 1970, Julian Ritter and two crew mates were adrift in the Pacific for 87 days – 40 of them without food. When rescued, they were just days from death.

Julian Ritter returns from World War Ii to start a family and build a career as an artist
Welcome to the website celebrating the Art and Life of Artist Julian Ritter. My name is Greg Autry. I was a friend and a patron of Julian's, as well as a collector of his work. I met Julian around 1982, when he lived in Summerland, California, with Laurie Kokx. I loved Julian and miss him dearly. Julian Ritter was an American painter who painted nudes and clowns and had an ill-fated Pacific voyage that nearly cost the lives of Ritter and his crew. Ritter's paintings were typically rich in color. His nudes celebrated the glamor and beauty of the Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1909, Julian Ritter grew up as a solitary youth, the only child of an aspiring Polish actress. His mother claimed his father was a Count, but she refused to reveal the man's identity. As a young boy, Julian entertained himself wandering the docks of Hamburg and dreaming of far off places. He discovered an early passion for art while sketching ships in the harbor. Julian's interest in drawing was encouraged by his teacher, and a recognized landscape painter living nearby.Note that the painting is signed "Julian Ritter" rather than "Julian". This, too, is a remnant of the Colson commissions: the company insisted that all of Julian's paintings be signed "Julian Ritter".
A true Artist at Work, Julian Ritter is shown here painting his famous portrait titled The Gibson Girl. Julian Ritter, known for his incredible nudes. A remarkable collection that once hung in the famed Silver Slipper, a long gone Las Vegas strip Casino and is reportedly worth of many millions of dollars.
Visit , a comprehensive site dedicated to sharing the life and art of Julian Ritter. This site features photos of Julian, the 30-minute documantary “Julian Ritter: Palette of Passion” and high-resolution images of his paintings.
Miscellaneous paintings by Julian Ritter that do not fit in the other galleries

Julien Ritter (1909-2000), Portrait of a Clown

The search you just made for Julian Ritter returned the the following results at eBay. No big surprise there, eBay always has the best deals online for Julian Ritter.

On board are Julian Ritter 60, Laureen Kokx 20, and Winfried Heiringhoff 28.

Julian Ritter (1909-2000) German / American

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Julian Ritter immigrated to the U.S. in 1924. His interest in drawing was encouraged by his teacher at school and by Schnars-Alquist, a recognized German seascape and ship painter living nearby. Julian traveled from New York to Philadelphia to Chicago before finally settling in Los Angeles in 1930. While in Chicago, Julian began to take a serious interest in art. He audited night classes at the Chicago Art Institute with Dr. Schroeder. He later won a scholarship to Art Center School in Los Angeles. Under the tutelage of Stanley Reckless, who studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Art and taught in the tradition of Frank Duveneck and the Munich School, Julian was introduced to figure painting. Classical study of human anatomy and the use of live models was the rule.

"Night chasing Evening Clouds" was one of Julian Ritter's last paintings

Lovely nude litho by Julian Ritter; copyright by IAPCO.

In 1985 John painted with Julian Ritter in Ritter’s studio on Maui, Hawaii and between 1992 and 1994, John worked with Ray Strong in Strong’s studio in Santa Barbara. In the past few years, John’s work has been the subject of a number of important group and one man shows throughout California. He actively exhibits at George Stern Fine Arts and with the Oak Group. John’s paintings are widely sought after and appear in many important collections thoughout the world. John Comer currently resides in Morro Bay with his wife Lesley and their son Reef.