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The Lottery Symbolism - College Essays

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The lottery is symbolic of the corrupt nature of humans regarding pointless and inhumane traditions. It expresses the evil behind traditions and man’s unrelenting refusal to accept change. The lottery occurs on a warm summer day in a traditional small town in the same town square where the community gathers for all events. Because the people are able to return over and over again to this location of death with out feeling any remorse symbolizes societies ability to turn a blind eye to things they feel they can not change or things that do not directly involve them. Even before the lottery begins the reader gives indication to the ways of the society through the actions of the boys gathering stones for the stoning to come. The author is symbolizing here how humans are only as good as they are taught to be no matter how pure they seem to be.

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Lottery symbols are printed across the inside of the folds at opposite edges of the fore ticket section so as to be doubled inside the ticket.

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