Question: How did people react to Madame Loisel at the ball?

Question: Imagine you are Madame Loisel. Make a diary entry about your sorrow and grief after you discovered that the diamond necklace which cost your life was fake.

Madame Loisel: Mathilde other rich friend.

“The Necklace” begins with a description of Madame Mathilde Loisel. Though she is “pretty and

MadameLoisel wanted to be rich like her. She wanted lots of money.

Mme Loisel carefully placed the necklace into the box and took one last look at it longingly. If only it were hers! How great that would be! She shut the lid on the box and set off for Mme Forestier's mansion to return the string of dazzling diamonds to her. Upon seeing Mme Loisel, Mme Forestier said in a cold voice, "You took that long to find it?" Madame Loisel stared at the ground, silent.

He spent on Madame Loisel dress and she wanted 400Fs

3.2 Hmm...One other choice would be to tell Mme Forestier that they had lost her necklace and perhaps, could compensate for it. However, they (esp. Madam Loisel) were afraid that she would think that they were thieves and stole her diamond necklace. If they had told Mme Forestier and compensated her, it wouldn't be so bad and things wouldn't be the way they were, as they needed to pay her only a fraction of what they had paid for the diamond necklace!

Madame Ramponneau: Another rich friend.(Has dinner with Madame Loisel)
The Temptation of an InvitationIn Guy de Maupassant"s short story "The NecklaceaE a beautiful young woman, Madame Loisel, lives a simple life due to her unfortunate chance of being born into a family of poor clerks. ... aE(38)Madame Loisel spent her entire life wanting to be among the higher society. ... The invitation is the central symbol that gives Madame Loisel the temptation she needs to finally join the people she so much admires. ... aE(38)Madame Loisel spent her entire life wanting to be among the higher society. ... The invitation is the central symbol that gives...He mentions the main character, Madame Loisel, who is a beautiful woman that lives in a wonderful home with all the necessary supplies needed to survive and more. ... Maupassant sets Madame Loisel in conflict with society, for she could easily have been a lady had her parents been wealthy. ... Those 10 years of hard work caused Madame Loisel to develop a whole new character, her even mentality changed. ... She was now just simple old Madame Loisel who lives very low-key with her husband. ... Throughout the whole story Madame Loisel shows characteristics of vanity, greed and ungratefulness. ...In "The NecklaceaE Guy de Maupassant uses setting to reflect the character and development of the main figure, Madame Loisel. ... Her husband, Monsieur Loisel, is merely an apprentice with no social status. ... The Loisels, together, pay off the debt, but they suffer the effects. ...It seems that Madame Loisel only wants to impress those around her and higher than her. ... For example, Madame Loisel can"t have her jewels or fancy dresses, and the other female in Hemmingway"s story can"t have her freedom In conclusion, just because you can"t have what you want in a relationship doesn"t mean you can"t be happy with yourself or your partner. ...
Madame Loisel had to clean to pay of her debt for buying a replacemeant necklace

Characters Madame Loisel Direct: pretty, attractive Indirect: ..

Madame Forestier is rich. I know this because the story tells me. She is also friendly because she allows Madame Loisel to borrow one of her necklaces for a party. Madame Forestier is also tolerant because she doesn't seem to get to mad when Loisel "broke the clasp" to her necklace and had to wait longer for it to be returned to her. I used direct and indirect characterizations to decide what 3 personality traits to use to describe Madame Forestier.

Madame Loisel had to clean to pay of her debt for buying a replacemeant necklace

In "The Necklace" Madame Loisel was consumed with envy

When the Loisels are invited to a ball, Madame Loisel becomes very upset, insisting that she has nothing appropriate to wear to such an event. Hoping to make his wife feel better, Monsieur Loisel offers to buy her a new dress. As the ball approaches, Madame Loisel again becomes anxious because she has no jewels to wear. Her husband suggests she borrow jewels from Madame Forestier. Madame Loisel pays her old friend a visit the next day. She is welcomed and encouraged to borrow any piece of jewelry that she desires. She selects a beautiful diamond necklace.

Is Madame Loisel to blame for the bad situation she finds herself in at the end of the story?

Madame Loisel rêve d'appartenir au monde des riches»

Loisel's Downfall?... Loisel is a proud woman. ... Loisel for a thief" (51). ... At this point Loisel feels safe. ... Madame Loisel blames her problem on Madame Forestier, but she can't really blame anyone except herself. ...