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The big problem would seem to be how to tie Doctor Strange in with the rest of the Cinematic Universe. My dream Doctor Strange project would be a television series, maybe something like Sherlock, where three or four mini-movie episodes come out per year and the whole Dormammu/Mordo plotline can evolve more slowly as the Master of Mystic Arts takes on lesser threats to establish his character.

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I really can't imagine a better experience with a gyno. Although only in my twenties, I have managed to see a number of different doctors for my annual exams. When I finally found my dream doctor in the Chicago suburbs, I dreaded having to go through that process again after moving to LA.

Thankfully for yelp, Dr. McAllister was the first one I saw here and was more than happy with the experience. She is sweet, quick, and makes you feel comfortable. I don't know what more you could ask for with a gyno.

The $12 parking at Cedars is ridiculous, but lucky for us, she is moving offices to somewhere nearby on San Vincente on 8/5/13. I will definitely be sticking with her through their relocation, and as long as I live in LA!

My dream Doctor is Maxine Peake

I had always been, in an unreflective way, a Freudian when it came to dream analysis. Dreams were elaborate concealments of the sex-and-power-hungry id: rip away the mask, and there, invariably, would be the glowering features of our instinctual being. A dream, whether horripilating, ecstatic, or just plain baffling, had predictable mechanisms, a symbolism amenable to categorical analysis. Yet my dreams had made me feel utterly out of my depth. They had almost mystically anticipated events. (Had it been pure coincidence I'd dreamed that a Chinese surgeon took a "bullet" from my neck, and months later, a real Chinese surgeon--a Dr. Wang, the country's premier thyroid specialist and the spitting image of my dream doctor--had operated to remove my tumor?) They had galvanized me to act, almost against my will. How could dreams, evanescent wisps of the night, gather the force of a Kansas tornado barreling toward Oz? What kind of dreams were these?

That'd be my dream Doctor and it could fit in almost anywhere
In my dream Doctor Boy climbed into my bed and wrapped his arms around me, spooning me to his chest

Hugh Laurie would be my dream doctor


For my dream doctor who game I would make it a mixture of la noire and the last of us

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When I talk to Dr. Stephen Cowan, I want to go back to being a kid again, just so he can be my doctor. Seriously, he is so present and wise and kind and insightful and fun. Definitely my type of people and my dream doctor.

these cuffs would be in my dream doctor's offices + first aid kit at home

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Appointment after treating by other Good senior doctor but my dream and my wish was Dr Devi P Shetty only, by god gress I get the chance to meet him I got his appointment by one of hospital executives help. Im tank full to him im thank full to my first consulting Doctor im thank full to Narayana Health. No regret about missguiding and faqu promisses. Im happy that I meet my dream Doctor. Im in medical job im always there for for dr Devi Prasad Shetty for his upcoming project at my place..