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Maria Uliano was accepted to her first-choice match, the family medicine program at Glen Cove Hospital in New York. “It had been my dream to become a doctor since the sixth grade. I am grateful to RUSM for giving me the opportunity to work hard, prove myself and make my dream come true,” she said.

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"The advice was to wait another year or pick another related subject but it's always been my dream to become a doctor. I've worked really hard to get the grades I need."

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As a current Freshman at Drexel University, I am majoring in Health Science with every intention of attending medical school in the future. It has always been my dream to become a doctor. Therefore, in addition to a major in Health Sciences, I am minoring in Biological Sciences.

It has always been my dream to become a medical doctor since I was a child.
"It has always been my dream to become a doctor," he said, "but the quality of the research experience I've had at FSU has made me see that I could both practice medicine and discover ways to make it better." "Since i was 5, it has been my dream to become a doctor. the Health Professions Office has helped me achieve that dream by helping me finish my applications, preparing me for my interviews, and giving me the emotional support I needed during the application process. they have organized the application process so that applying for medical school is no longer stressful or complicated," she said.My name is Gwyn Curry. I have just returned from NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training Course 2010)with the Boy Scouts of America. I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing a letter to us. Your story has helped me believe in myself of pursuing my dream to become a doctor, specifically a heart surgeon. I used to believe that I would be great and sail through middle school, high school, and college without any trouble. When i got in to 7th grade that dream began to fade and I nearly lost all of that dream until I watched October Sky. I realized that if i really wanted that career enough, like you with aerospace and technology, then i was going to have to study a lot harder. Lucky for me this information came to me just before my freshman year of high school!I am in high school, so I am not yet majored in anything, but I am thinking about majoring in Medicine in college. It has been my dream to become a doctor since I was in pre-school. I am taking AP Biology and I am loving that class right now. I also went to Nepal this summer for a medical volunteer and though it gave me an insight of the negative part of being a doctor, I still haven’t changed my mind. My will for becoming a doctor actually got stronger.If your dream in life is to serve society as a physician, fears of the real costs of a medical school degree—fears of the costs both monetarily and mentally—should not be allowed to determine your future. Although these fears are legitimate, ways to overcome these issues still remain. If money is your main fear, then consider one of the previously mentioned loan repayment programs. If securing a residency spot worries you, then find peace in knowing that taking a year between graduation and residency to build your resume through paid research work is usually a back-up possibility. If you fear the toll of mental stress during medical school, then comfort yourself in knowing that many medical schools provide free counseling services to their students. Overall, even though the cost of a medical school degree may seem overwhelming at times, the benefits of successfully fulfilling your dreams for earning your MD degree are far greater. After all, you don’t want to someday look back on your life and think, “I wish I would have followed my dream to become a doctor…” Choosing to take the steps towards your MD now can help prevent those moments of regret later on.I am a Pakistani student doing bachelors of physiotherapy here in Iran , it is my dream to become a doctor and I applied for Iran to make my dream come true...but due to some problems i couldn't get MD(medicine) scholarship. it would be so kind of you if you guide me for if there is any M.B.B.S scholarship opportunity there in Bangladesh and that if there is any way to apply through embassy.
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Okay so I am very confused at the moment. Ever since I was 14, I wanted to become a doctor. The reason for that is I used to watch a medical drama which I really loved and even thought I wanted to do that. I stuck to my dream to become a doctor until now, when I am 17, and from the college they sent me to a 4-days work observation program in the local hospital.

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Today, he is in school and no longer works as a miner. “I am still pursuing in my dream to become a doctor,” Tokio says. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Tokio has been able to leave his perilous work behind and look to a brighter future.

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"Since i was 5, it has been my dream to become a doctor

my dream is to become a doctor to save someone, but then again i just hear about the presure put on you when you are a doctor and that the person's life is on your hands... this is kinda helding me rear but i really want to help people and become a doctor... i'm 13...