I want to share my school days with the world and his with my friends

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So, would I go back to my school days? If I could return with the

Even today when I look out of the window during the rains....All I wish for is my School Days!!!!

My School Days by E. Nesbit - Virgin Media

Now-a-days where is that cheer,
unless i call up friends to have a beer,
Just like mist gone we are apart in many ways,
But where are my School days.

Now-a-days where is that enthusiasm,
for i bump into people with only sarcasm,
we sail world over on a ship,
unsuccessful even to strike a good friendship,
We have indeed drifted in many ways,
But where are my School days.

Now-a-days where is that laughter,
I hear just laughs to flatter,
true friends were those who where just there,
to say 'Hey we really care'
Scattered are we in many ways,
But where are my School days.

We are born with faces,
and now with a 'book',
we are now connected in many ways,
Where i come to cherish my School days.

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To be honest in my opinion School Days is much better than Elfen Lied, from originality to characters. There's atleast lots of sex so the nudity is justifiable.

Text of My School Days


Memories of my schooldays

The droplets of rain touched forehead
I knew it’s time for me to move ahead
With new books and uniforms
To a place of roses and thorns

The droplets of tears fell from my eyes
Though my heart felt as if in ice
Boasting of the tour I went
This was the life’s unforgettable event

The classes which we bunked
And the candies that we munched
Has the delicious taste
Which no recipes can ever bake

Some knew the art of acting
Others knew the art of tacting
For me being the gardens rose
I knew the art of adjusting with thorns

My parents knew my school ’an me
As they came often for answering my good deeds
One of the best days I remember
With smiling lips and watery eyes

Creating a defeat into a victory
Trying to make a fine history
With less pains and sorrows
The journey of my life follows

12 Feb 2008

My School Days Record Book

My School Days (Dodo Press) by Nesbit, E

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My School days, when I was young looking back on them I used to wish that Monday would never come

Down Memory Lane – My School Days

Looking over my own school days, there are so many things that I would rather not tell, that it will take very little time and space for me to use in telling what I am willing that the carping public should know about my early history.