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Much of the success of these jumbled suggestions derives from Fitzgerald‘s use of Nick Carraway as a narrator who struggles to make sense of his confusing neighbor. Fitzgerald adds to the mystery surrounding Gatsby by first making Nick an outsider who learns about Gatsby as he is generally known (or not known). As he registers these baffling shreds of information, he naturally struggles to make sense of them. Meanwhile Fitzgerald teases his curiosity, along with that of the reader, by allowing him limited contact with Gatsby. The result of these suspect bits of information and brief glimpses is at best an impression.

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The idealist, the romantic who believed in possibility and perfectibility and the pragmatist, the realist convinced that life is circumscribed, nasty, brutish, and short: these opposing tendencies are both allowed their full play, the drama of the narration the tension between them. "The tst of a first-rate intelligence," Fitzgerald was later to say in his autobiographical essay "The Crack-Up" ( (1945)) "is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." That is precisely what he does in thanks to the use o Nick Carraway as a narrator: by his own stringent standards, the book is the product, not only of a refined sensibility and a strenuous act of imaginative sympathy, but also of "a first-rate intelligence."

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The use of Nick Carraway as a narrator, in effect, enables Fitzgerald to maintain a balance for the first time in his career between the two sides of his character.

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Gatsby’s chronicler is a textbook unreliable narrator, but maybe the kind we ought to rely on

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