Section I. Norman Perceval Rockwell Biography

Norman Rockwell Biography (continued): In 1956, Norman Rockwell again traveled around the world. This time he was traveling by clipper ship. The cruise was expressly for the purpose of painting and sketching an advertising series for Pan Am.On February 6, 1959, Rockwell and his wife, Mary, appeared for an interview on the television show . Later in 1959, Rockwell's wife and mother of his children, Mary, died. 1960 saw Rockwell publishes his autobiography, , in collaboration with his son Thomas. Norman Rockwell painted his for the February 13, 1960 Saturday Evening Post cover. Rockwell participated in Peggy Worthington Best's sketch class held in Stockbridge. Rockwell also met Mary Punderson in poetry reading class during this time. In 1961, Norman Rockwell married Mary (Molly) Punderson. Also, in 1961, Rockwell made an appearance on Art Linkletter's for an interview. The episode aired December 8, 1961. On December 14, 1963, the last cover was published, . In 1964, Look magazine published its first Rockwell illustrations. He painted works for Look for the next decade. Rockwell also accepted a contract to illustrate Benjamin Franklin's with the Heritage Press. During the next ten years, Rockwell traveled extensively with his new wife Molly. In 1965, Rockwell completed a series of paintings chronicling man's travels to the moon for magazine. Rockwell also received an honorary diploma from even though he left at age sixteen. In 1966, Rockwell traveled to Hollywood, California to help promote the movie, . He also painted portraits of principal stars of the movie. Portraits included Ann-Margret, Red Buttons, Mike Connors, Alex Cord, Bing Crosby, Robert Cummings, Van Heflin, Slim Pickens and Stefanie Powers. Rockwell also had a small part in the movie as a Townsman (see photo.) In 1967, he collaborated with his wife Molly to produce a children's book, .

" is an absorbing children's story and features a young thrush whose tendency toward genius leads him to seek out a different life and sing the greatest songs he can."

Section I. Norman Perceval Rockwell Biography

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In 1915, Rockwell moved to New Rochelle, New York, and established his own studio along with studio mate, Clyde Forsythe. In 1916, one of the major milestones in Rockwell's career occurs: his first cover, was published on May 20, 1916. Just two weeks later, Norman Rockwell's second Post cover, , was published. Incredibly, these were the first of 321 different covers over a forty-seven year span with the most prominent publication of its time. Read more about The . Rockwell's work was later published in several other major publications of the era including (1917), (1917) and (1918). This development was largely due to his increased exposure and appreciation on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. After the beginnings of success embodied by being published by , he asked his sweetheart, Irene O'Connor, to marry him. At first, she refused, but later she accepted. (In 1921, he painted Irene on a Literary Digest cover, ). Norman and Irene's union produced no children.
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Norman Rockwell biography. Date of birth : 1894-02-03 Date of death : 1978-11-08 Birthplace : New York City, New York, USA Nationality : American

Norman Rockwell Biography
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Norman Rockwell Biography: Norman Percevel Rockwell was born February 3, 1894 to Waring and Nancy Hill Rockwell in New York City.In 1903, Mr. and Mrs. Rockwell, along wth young Norman and his older brother Jarvis, moved from the city to Mamaroneck, New York. Even at a young age, Rockwell showed aptitude and interest in art and illustration. One of his earliest recollections was drawing Charles Dickens characters while his father read Dickens stories to him. In 1909, at the age of 15, Norman Rockwell left Mamaroneck High School to attend the National Academy of Design in New York City. Shortly thereafter, he entered the Art Students League, attending classes taught by George Bridgeman and Thomas Fogarty. Norman Rockwell was such a hard worker, even at age 15, that his fellow students referred to him as "the Deacon." In 1912, Rockwell's first published works appeared in C.H. Claudy's and, later, Gabrielle Jackson's . In 1913, Norman Rockwell received his first major position: art editor of . published several of his earliest illustrations on its cover in 1913. As art editor, he also published many of his own works on the inside pages of to illustrate articles. His work also appeared in other children's publications, such as St. Nicholas.Rockwell's first magazine cover illustration, , appeared on the cover of the September 1913 edition of Boys' Life. He illustrated eight of the next nine editions and added two more in 1915, for a total of twelve cover illustrations in just under two years. He retained this consistent work ethic throughout his career.

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