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Orthello is a 2D Framework for Unity3D to create 2D applications and games. Orthello simulates 2D within a 3D environment using a orthographic camera.


Orthello 3.0 released, adding Unity2D SpriteRenderer + Box2D Physics support

3.) Orthello - 24/7 Chiller - External A/C Chllled Liquid Project

So instead of dishing out 150$ for SpriteManager 2 (Unity Package), I've been playing around with Orthello which a free SpriteManager package.

WyrmTale Games - Unity Components - Orthello 2D Framework

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Perhaps what the child of orthello and risk might be like, Proximity is a fun little strategy game. Best of all it doesn't take 3 hours to finish a game. Place your armies strategically to beat as many of the enemy as possible, gaining their armies.
Orthello has inspired 3rd party developers to create tools that integrate with orthello.

Tutorial - Using 2D ColliderGen with Orthello (Unity 3D) - YouTube

Have you explored the 2D sprite engines that are available in Unity? Whoever said "Unity isn't really an engine designed to work with 2D stuff" is talking guff. I have just started working on a hobby 2D game and am using a Unity plugin called Orthello (). It handles sprite sheets, animations, collision detection and more without you having to write loads of code to do this. The learning curve is a bit steep and the examples on their website aren't the best but I found replicating the sample solutions that come with the download the best way to get something working.

Orthello does not stop an animation or named animation frameset before all frames have been played.

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This Orthello user guide will provide information about the structure of the Orthello 2D framework and give all information that you need to create your own applications and games in Unity3D.

-- Orthello. Whether you're using the Free or Pro version of Orthello, U2DEX has you covered.

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I would be really interested to hear if Orthello is what you're looking for and how you find working with it - please let me know via if you can.