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Moores' free-exploring curricula are largely self-teaching: Math-It, Winston Grammar, etc. Use fewer workbooks and textbooks. Generally parents are the best teachers for their children. The Smithsonian Institution's study of twenty world-class geniuses stressed three factors: 1) warm, loving, educationally responsive parents and other adults; 2) scant association outside the family, and 3) a great deal of creative freedom under parental guidance to explore their ideas, drilling as necessary. These ingredients for genius are a mixture of head, hand, heart, and health. Mixed in with balance, and your sound example, they bring out great characters and personalities. So we encourage you to unite 1) study, 2) work (and entrepreneurship) with 3) home and community service.

Parents are the best teachers because of the amount of influence they

they teach us. I agree with parents are the best teachers.

(Disagreement: Parents are NOT the best teachers)

The responsibility of child development is often a subject that is discussed and debated. While some would argue that since a child spends maximum time at school, the teachers should take responsibility of ensuring proper development of children. However, I strongly believe that it is parents who are the best teachers and they play a very important role in the manner a child is groomed.

Parents are the best teacher. To what extent do you agree?

However, I do not agree with the statement that parents are the best teachers. Different children have different cognitive abilities and hence different learning styles. Research also proves that in order to maximize the learning experience of any individual, it is important to facilitate the learning process as per the learning style. Teachers are professionally qualified and experienced to do this job better. They have both the skills and knowledge to excel in this as compared to parents.

In conclusion, from many points of view, parents are the best teachers
Obviously, the first teachers we have in our lives in most cases are our parents. They teach us to speak, walk, ride a bike, behave ourselves etc. From my everyday experience and observation I can totally agree with the statement that parents are the best teachers. In the following paragraphs I will try to support my answer with some reasons and examples.In conclusion, I think that parents are the best teachers because they give their knowledge that can not be taken from books when it needs to be known by children.First of all, I would say that parents are our very first teachers. They with great patience pass down the essential knowledge that we need in order to join 'the real world'. Children often copy their parents’ habits and traits because children are sure that parents do only right things. Often children’s first wish is to be like their mother of father. Parents are the best teachers because they wish their children to be successful and they do not teach them bad things.Essay: Parents are the best teachers

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Parents are the best teachers

It is traditionally believed that best teachers for children are their parents. The common belief is very strong in many societies and it has been with the mankind for a long time. At the same time, modern children cast some doubts on this general rule. The rapid changes in world development certainly affected our common relationships and made us re-imagine traditional concepts.

In my opinion, the thought “parents are the best teachers” comes from the history. For the centuries young people have lived with their parents till their mid-20s and parents have been the main source of information. The communication of youth was very limited. For instance, take noble family from 17th century, which probably have lived in own castle. Children, in such families, had an opportunity to learn things from some hired tutors, brothers and sisters, but most of all their knowledge they had to take from their parents. Basically, society patterns of older times defined parents as the best source of knowledge. No other options existed.

Nowadays, it is 21st century out of the window. Children have Internet, TV, radio, schools and numerous other sources of information. They obtain knowledge from the environment and peers, as children do not spend 24 hours a day at home. That gives much broader outlook and different perspective on many issues.
Furthermore, while parents could be very conservative, children often are more open to new knowledge and new ideas. As an illustration, think about computers and mobile phones. In most cases, children learn to use them faster than their parents. They try new types and last models of electronic...
The topic is “Parents are the best teachers” do you agree or disagree.

Therfore I do not agree that parents are the best teachers

Education is very important in our life; it makes you become more mature. Children can learn from a lot of different sources such as from their parents at home, teachers at school or idols on the media, etc. Some people say that parents are the best teachers. I totally agree with this statement for the following reasons.

At Meadowbrook Educational Services we believe that concerned and proactive parents are the best teachers of their children.

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I strongly agree that parents are the best teachers a person can have in his life time. There are many reasons why I think in this way. To introduce some, parents are usually the closest people to us, they can teach us many lesson from different aspects of life and they have great impact on our future.

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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It is the wrong approach. If you wish to give an opinion of both, you must quantify it. Here’s an example “I think that parents are the best teachers for very young children under the age of five but from that age, teachers are better to educate them”. This is an acceptable opinion for IELTS. You MUST avoid changing the essay question into a discussion essay with equal weight on both sides.
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