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According to Dr. Dlodlo, Africa will be unable to generate knowledge as long as there are so very few people who write papers and publish in recognised journals. “We are not saying that people should not learn English or French; we need those languages so we can communicate with the rest of the world,” he says.

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Altmetrics doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see evidence of any of the above either. It does allow the possibility though, while citations don’t – they are only ever going to reflect impact amongst people who write papers. We should be open to evidence that a paper has reached the right audience wherever it comes from, be it a Reddit thread, a nurse’s blog or a magazine story.

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Problem: Most people who write papers have something intelligent to say

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“In the future people who write papers about one-singular knots are going to call that one six-four-star,” Taalman said. “And my kids named it that.”

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It’s interesting that two of the three bullets are “process” items: how the research is conducted, rather than what it focuses on. It would be like saying that theoretical computer science is the set of people who write papers with theorems in them.

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