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In February of 1996, Nearly God -- an album featuring Tricky's collaborations with artists as diverse as Terry Hall, Björk, Alison Moyet, and Neneh Cherry -- was released, again to strong reviews; the album was released in the U.S. six months later. After completing the second full-fledged Tricky album, he relocated to New York City early in 1996 where he began working with underground rappers. An EP called Grassroots was released in the U.S. in September. Two months later, Tricky's official second album, Pre-Millennium Tension, was released. Again, Tricky received positive reviews, though there were a few dissenting opinions.

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Pre-Millennium Tension is the third album from Tricky, released in 1996

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Tracklist: 01: Vent, 02: Christiansands, 03: Tricky Kid, 04: Bad Dreams, 05: Makes Me Wanna Die, 06: Ghetto Youth, 07: Sex Drive, 08: Bad Things, 09: Lyrics of Fury, 10: My Evil Is Strong, 11: Piano

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The stuff on ``Pre-Millennium Tension'' isn't uninteresting; but its varied tracks of differing time signatures and odd, scraping effects belong more easily in an experimental arts category instead of dance floors, where his music would grind things to a halt.

Anche per questo, Pre-Millennium Tension è forse il parto più inquietante e “contemporaneo” consegnato da Tricky al suo tempo.
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Tracklist: 01: Vent, 02: Christiansands, 03: Tricky Kid, 04: Bad Dreams, 05: Makes Me Wanna Die, 06: Ghetto Youth, 07: Sex Drive, 08: Bad Things, 09: Lyrics of Fury, 10: My Evil Is Strong, 11: PianoThe 90’s trip-hop scene is a strange place to revisit. A lot of people like to fetishize the 90’s; it’s culture, fashion, and especially music. The truth is that the 90’s put out some of the worst music ever made and people wore . However, like every decade, it was still full of gems. The Trip-Hop scene had a few of these gems: , , and the , to name a few. These groups at their best still sound new, their songs and albums, destined to be rediscovered by every generation, to come. Tricky, originally Tricky Kid, with the group Massive attack, and later Tricky, in his solo career, is one of those acts. In the mid nineties Tricky put out three consecutive near perfect albums: , , and Pre-Millennium Tension. It’s almost been twenty years since its release and Pre-Millennium Tension, still holds true as one of the best Trip-Hop albums to come out of the genre.
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Well, count me out on one critics' darling. Tricky's name rose as one of England's most promising producers and mixers in the past couple of years, and his 1995 ``Maxinquaye'' was an intriguing offering. But even the relative fame he got with that release has shaken him to the point where, on the first full follow-up, ``Pre-Millennium Tension,'' he's renouncing his stardom, both in lyrics and approach.

Описание: Одна из лучших работ Tricky. Pre-Millennium Tension получился спокойным, неспешным альбомом пропитанным густой, тёмной

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The song could be a triumphant bit of posturing. Instead, it has an uneasy vibe to it. The song stumbles along at midtempo with a slightly distorted ragga beat. Tricky delivers his lines in a deadpan, and a guest MC shouts alongside him frantically. The song feels like it was recorded at four in the morning after an all-night drug binge while Tricky was wallowing in paranoia and the ill-effects of heavy cocaine use. In fact, a lot of this album could be seen as highlighting the downside of heavy drug use. There was a lot of ecstacy, speed, and coke being used in the U.K. club scene in the early 90s. By the time the millennium was closing in, music started to reflect the darker moods that come with constantly jacking up one's dopamine levels. The giddy rave of the early 90s gave way to darker jungle and drum n' bass, and "Pre-Millennium Tension" seems to reflect this transition towards darker, more introspective electronic music.


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"Pre-Millennium Tension" ended up being the apex of Tricky's career. Each of his follow-ups has seen diminishing returns as he has attempted to branch out in new musical directions. Maybe he needed to. Even on this album, there were signs that he was running out of ideas with his signature sound. He spends too much of the second half of the album on languid downers that are all mood and no substance. Even with those criticisms, it is an incredible album. It perfectly captures the paranoia and dread that you sometimes feel in the early hours of the morning when you've been up all night killing brain cells, the sense of loneliness and isolation when the house lights come on and you can see how tired and tore up your fellow revelers are, the depression that sets in when the drugs stop working. It's a beautifully realized album, and one of British hip-hop's finest moments.