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For example, suppose a readByQuery call was made which matches 1550 objects. Further suppose that the pageSize argument to this readByQuery is given as 500. This call to readByQuery will return the first 500 matched objects. Then, a subsequent call to readMore with the same object name will return the next 500, and so on. The last readMore will return the 50 remaining objects, and any subsequent calls to readMore will return an error until the next readByQuery call on this object type. Note that this caching of objects is per object / per user (so calls to readByQuery for different objects and different users don't interfere with each other). However, a new call to readByQuery by the same user on the same object forgets any objects previously unread by readMore.

ReadMore has been discontinued and removed from the Apple App Store.

Are you using the Readmore button in the editor toolbar, or the one below the editor?

Changing the current Readmore to a given image.

This is our second visit to Readmore, but our first stay. My wife and I were booked to visit last year and, unfortunately, we had to cancel the stay there. We called Dorothy to explain why we needed to cancel and she completely understood. We visited here the day after we were supposed to stay, to both express our gratitude...

Info: This works only with Joomla standard readmore and K2 Article.

If I could give more stars I would! I rented the whole house for my wedding so my few choice guests could all be in one spot! I did this all from Nashville, TN and never being there! Dorothy went above and beyond to help and when My now wife and I arrived we were blown away!!! The Readmore is...

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Readmore Bookstore located in Taunton MA, has been serving the greater Taunton community since 1975. Our selection of thousands and thousands of titles nestled into 3500 square feet of retail space offers the areas largest and most diverse selection of reading material for all ages. Readmore provides the best solution for creating magazines, magazine apps and printing magazines. Sign up for free.

Readmore works with tens of thousands of individuals, publishers and enterprises in 130+ countries.

Everything you need to publish—we think you'll love it.Readmore also takes great pride in the local community, its people and its history. Our local interest section includes remarkable reads about King Phillip’s war, New England maritime, local myths and legends. Many were written by authors from this very area.The readByQuery can return a large number of objects. Therefore, it supports the ability to 'page' groups of returned records when used in conjunction with the readMore method. The readByQuery method is used to return the first group (page) of records, and subsequent pages are returned via the readMore method.
I placed a readmore in the first article which is the uncategorized one. Worked just as I expected.

Readmore's Hallmark in Lima, OH | 3330 W Elm St, Lima, OH

It is currently not possible to write accessible web pages with Joomla - if ReadMore breaks the code like this ! This should be a priority fix, as our clients could be sued for making non-accessible sites.

In the first article where I inserted the Readmore the code shows just:

Readmore (@ReadmoreMag) | Twitter

The second article was in the left hand column and the third in the right, it looked good but the second was longer than the third so I wanted to add a readmore to even them up a little.

So, is there maybe a way to tell the editor that the readmore tag MUST be a direct child of the document's

Readmore Inn a Bellows Falls Vermont Bed and Breakfast

When I put a readmore into the second article, everything went out of whack and broke the template of the page forcing all the articles and the template's right column (module position) below all of them in the left column of the article layout area.