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It is said that no creative work is devoid of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of language and thoughts of other researchers and presenting it as own. The figures and tables are any individual’s ideas and passing them as own amounts to plagiarism. Author must refrain from plagiarism as it spoils his good will and will bring disrepute. Copyright violation is also a serious offence in scientific writing. A researcher must obtain the permission to use another’s work be it text, figure or table directly as such or in an adapted form. Any material that has appeared in print before is legally owned under copyright by the publisher of the source or by the author of the material. Permission is required for textual quotations over 50 words, photographs, any figure, drawing, chart, illustration, or table that is recognizably similar to previously published material or material owned by a third party. Copyright permission is exempted for data presented in a form different from original, material on which copyright has expired. Plagiarism and copyright violations are serious offences in the court of law. In today’s world, where research is regarded as the key to success, young researchers are prone to commit such mistakes. These offences can result in their debarment from publishing, termination from service or other penalties. Hence, it is advised that there should be no copying or faking or manipulation of results. This is against the spirit of research and one must uphold the highest standards in research as well as research article writing.

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