We must have someone we can not only rely upon, but who can drive.

So this week we got the chance to ask Secret Someones to help us put together a mixtape of the favourite tracks they are listening to now. So take a listen to the music that is inspiring the New York based band.

Someone cut the rope and Jube dropped lifeless to the ground.

To her surprise, she discovered that someone on the other side was engaged in the same occupation.

But it is possible I might change with someone of my own years.

A suspect in a Wednesday home invasion in Westwood allegedly had a chilling directive for the occupants of of 2693 Montana Ave.: "If we leave without the money, someone's gonna die."

My erstwhile girlfriend tipped me off about someone named John.

People live very busy lives, and information is thrown at them throughout the day. If you want to get someone’s attention, appeal to her specific needs or interests. For example, before I asked a young person to register to vote, I had to communicate what was at stake for her, whether it was making college more affordable, climbing the economic ladder, or addressing climate change—all things that young people care about. To persuade successfully, you have to understand people’s situations and where they are coming from. Really, that’s more than half the battle.

Stephanie Cutter is a cohost of CNN’s Crossfire and the former deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama. She is also a founding partner of Precision Strategies, a brand consultancy. She lives in Washington, D.C.

But the police thought it might be someone who knew you were getting money by mail.
There is no difference in meaning between someone and , but is more common in spoken English, and someone is more common in written English.In questions, you can use someone, , anyone, or anybody as part of the object. You use someone or when you are expecting the answer 'yes'. For example, if you think I met someone, you might ask me 'Did you meet someone?' If you do not know whether I met someone or not, you would ask 'Did you meet anyone?'Be Careful!
You don't usually use 'someone' or 'somebody' as part of the object of a negative sentence. Don't say, for example, ''. You say 'I don't know anyone who lives in York'. My wife and I had the privilege to see Secret Someones open for Ingrid Michaelson in Minneapolis and they stole the show! What a great band, both live on “on record”. Their sound reminds me of The Bangles and Michelle Branch’s first album. They’ve got tight, bright harmonies, fun and crunchy guitars and hooks you could hang a winter sweater from. Bottom line: They just write good pop songs with clever, smart lyrics and an awesome energy. I really want to see them go far with their art. A meeting of the minds between three young New York songwriters, Secret Someones are a group who play lean but insistent indie rock with the thoughtful lyrical undertow of contemporary folk. The Secret Someones include Bess Rogers, Lelia Broussard, and Hannah Winkler, all of whom had experience in the New York music community. Rogers began playing guitar in her teens and went on to record three solo albums, Broussard was a finalist in Rolling Stone's So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star contest and cut a 2011 EP for Atlantic, and Winkler recorded and performed as a solo artist, as well as in Ingrid Michaelson's backing band (Rogers also recorded and toured with Michaelson). In 2013, Rogers, Broussard, and Winkler joined forces for a tour, playing a run of house concerts together. While each songwriter performed a solo set, they all pitched in as backing musicians for one another, with drummer and multi-instrumentalist Zach Jones providing rhythms for all three. By the end of the tour, the four musicians took note of the creative chemistry they shared, as well as the splendid harmonies of the three songwriters, and decided to work as a group. With Rogers on guitar, Broussard on bass, Winkler on guitar and keyboards, and Jones on drums, they began recording an EP with producer Chris Kuffner (who is also Rogers' husband), and the EP I Won't Follow became their debut release. The EP earned Secret Someones a record deal with the Interscope-distributed Cherrytree label, and after releasing several singles (including a cover of "Walk Like an Egyptian" in collaboration with Jukebox the Ghost), the group's first full-length album, simply titled Secret Someones, was scheduled for release in October 2015. ~ Mark DemingEdit: Following on from the two other answerers (Neil and Baby Kangaroo), there is actually a dictionary definition showing "someones" as being the plural of "someone" but they are both correct in saying it is never (or rarely) used as it is somewhat antiquated.
And Turkey does not do something without a purpose that bodes ill to someone.

17. Tell someone they have a nice smile.

Obviously there’s a ton of reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you think someone is cheating on you. Or you might want to check into what your kids are up to. Bottom line, whatever your reason, it’s easy to see someone’s facebook messages.

"Let's save the noble act for someone who doesn't know you," said Orne.

22. Send a text to tell someone you're thinking about them.

Here are some photos from the next episode of Someones Daughter Someones Son. It airs Friday the 12th of August at 9pm…

The second episode in the series looks at the murder of Jamie Lavis – one of Britain’s most appalling child murder cases. The programme speaks to the Lavis family and those involved in the case as a manipulative paedophile infiltrated those closest to his victim.

The father was speaking as someone who had been raised in India by very strict parents.

31. Bring a "get well" basket to someone who is sick.

Below are 100 easy ways to brighten someone's day. You may not know the difference your small act of kindness could make for them, and yourself. What goes around, comes around, after all!