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The character analysis is a specific character's traits. You can include feelings, acts, says, looks, thoughts, title, author, etc. Our character analysis worksheets include study of flat, round, static and dynamic character evaluation. It is important to learn about the different types or kinds of characters in a narrative or story.

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I then ask students to write their own story containing a clear static and dynamic character.

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Additionally, learning about static and dynamic characters can help your students to become critical thinkers. When introducing the concepts of static and dynamic characters, it can be helpful to start with a story everyone already knows. For example, you could use a movie most kids saw when they were younger, like .

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One of the areas that this film excels is in its presentation of deep philosophical questions, coupled with intense ethical themes. For example, the protagonist of the tale finds himself directly in the destructive path equated with social “progress.” Historically speaking, societies follow a distinct pattern of evolution through conquest. Young Ashitaka not only has an intrinsic connection to the deities of the forest, but he needs their assistance to ensure his own survival. Unfortunately, the social evolution of his fellow man cannot continue until the old rulers of the forest (representative of the world) are overthrown by mankind. The question then becomes is it better for Ashitaka to defend what he feels is right, or should he remain loyal to those of his own race? One could argue that the film leaves this question unanswered, but it does so in a brilliant fashion. Literary elements, including static and dynamic characters, irony, and foreshadowing are all incorporated well into the plot. The movie also presents multiple themes, including technology versus nature, science versus mysticism, love versus hate, and tolerance – all of which could be fodder for classroom discussion.

First off, we don't want to confuse the distinction between static and dynamic characterization with the distinction between  characterization.
Explain the difference between static and dynamic characters. From pieces that we’ve read in class or that you’ve read on your own, identify these types of characters and explain why you are categorizing them as either static or dynamic.The difference between static and dynamic characters is that static characters do not change their ways or personalities as supposed to dynamic characters that do. Dynamic characters “evolve” as a person throughout a life lesson or life changing experience. For instance, in the book Animal Farm, Napoleon never changed his evil ways. He remained a vicious leader throughout the whole book which makes him a static character. Consequently this all lead to nothing. Nothing at all. The animals continued to live in a solemn and harsh place. Moreover a dynamic character would be Mars Bars from Maniac Magee. At the beginning of the story, he detested Maniac as he thought he was a show-off and didn’t like that he could accomplish many things. He bullied him, he challenged him and he threatened him saying he was “badder” than ever. At the end though, they both turned out to be the best of friends and Mars Bars even offered him a place to live; his very own. As you can see these are both examples of static and dynamic characters.Static and dynamic characters are all found in novels. Static characters are characters that never go through any change throughout the story. On the other hand, dynamic characters go through a change or learn some type of a lesson in the end. In “Maniac Magee”, Mars Bars is a dynamic character. I would categorize him this way because when he first met Maniac he was sort of a jerk. Then towards the end of the story, when he learned about everything that Maniac went through, his whole personality changed. There is also Philip from “The Cay” who is also a dynamic character. Philip’s whole life was turned around when he found out he was blind on a deserted island with only an old companion. That is why I would categorize him as a dynamic character. Imagine being a normal 11 year old and then out of a blink of an eye your ship to liberty gets torpedoed. You find yourself with a stranger out in a raft in the middle of the ocean and to make it worst, you lose your eyesight. That is the kind of change that makes a character of a story dynamic.What is the difference between static and dynamic characters to flat and round characters?

I have a characterization essay to write for english and i have to write about flat vs. round characters in one paragraph and i have to write about dynamic vs. static characters in another. but i am reading the definitions in the book and they all seem the same to me. static is the same as flat characters and dynamic is the same as round characters. can anyone help me find the difference?
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When we discuss the characters in our novels, we always distinguish between the round and flat characters and the static and dynamic characters.

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Analysis of cryptographic algorithms is becoming more and more important in information security and malware analysis community. In this paper we have studied the static and dynamic characters of cryptography algorithms in program application by reversing a great lot of samples, and have summarized the static characters as crypto constants, lots of bit wise and arithmetic, logical expression, leaf functions and standard library by IDA. For dynamic characters, we have applied pin-tool to extract the characters as dynamic constants, dynamic statistic and memory operation data. Each static and dynamic character also has relevant sample to validate. Lastly, general comparisons have also been taken between these two kind characters and also have brought forward the future work.

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Now that you have a better idea of static and dynamic characters, maybe you could develop one or two of your own. As you think about developing a static character, remember a few important points: