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Students will learn the difference between static and dynamic characters in this PowerPoint that utilizes classic Shel Silverstein poems.

Students are asked to read several Shel SilverStein poems and determine if the main character is static or dynamic and why.

I then ask students to write their own story containing a clear static and dynamic character.

I have used this PowerPoint for six years and every year my kids love it more and more.

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I then ask students to write their own story containing a clear static and dynamic character.

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Now that you have a better idea of static and dynamic characters, maybe you could develop one or two of your own. As you think about developing a static character, remember a few important points:

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As you get ready to work on a fiction assignment, you need to know the differences between static and dynamic characters. It’s best to learn the definition of static character before learning that of a dynamic character. Just remember: A static character stays in the same place and mindset from the first introduction until the final mention. Joe Gargery, from “Great Expectations,” stays loving and kind, even though he is mistreated by his neighbors and his wife. He is a static character.

Static and Dynamic Characters Begin by introducing the terms ‘static’ and dynamic’
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Explain the difference between static and dynamic characters. From pieces that we’ve read in class or that you’ve read on your own, identify these types of characters and explain why you are categorizing them as either static or dynamic.

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The character analysis is a specific character's traits. You can include feelings, acts, says, looks, thoughts, title, author, etc. Our character analysis worksheets include study of flat, round, static and dynamic character evaluation. It is important to learn about the different types or kinds of characters in a narrative or story.

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When we discuss the characters in our novels, we always distinguish between the round and flat characters and the static and dynamic characters.