March 22, 2004 Taiwanese Elections

USC faculty and students observed the March 22 Taiwanese presidential election and the referendum on whether Taiwan should apply for membership in the United Nations as part of a trip sponsored by the USC U.S.-China Institute.

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Why, Like China, We Should Watch The Taiwanese Elections

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Li Fan of the World and China Institute, a small Beijing organisation, says that these mainland expressions of support for Ms Tsai were a mark of dissatisfaction with the Communist Party and indicated a desire for opposition politics at home. Mr Li led a rare delegation of mainland academics to observe the Taiwan elections. His five companions were all first-time visitors to the island and were amazed by its politics. “They never thought Taiwan was so free and democratic”, Mr Li enthuses. “It had a very powerful effect on them.” He says the polls give the lie to the Communist Party's notion that democracy begets chaos.

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“Most Taiwanese elections have been contentious,” said Rosen, who has observed Taiwanese presidential elections since 1991. “This election features two candidates who are much more moderate. The extremes are not there. There have been a number of incidents (including the resignation of Taiwan’s finance minister on March 13), but they have been below the top of the ticket.”

Talks that come amid rising anti-Beijing sentiment on the self-ruled democratic island and weeks ahead of Taiwanese elections.
Chinese efforts to influence Taiwanese election are also not new, as seen in the , , and presidential elections, tapering off when the expectation of KMT victory in elections from 2008-2012 made such efforts largely unnecessary. Xi Jinping thus must be fully aware of the potential that any Chinese action could influence Taiwanese elections counter to their preferences as seen prior to the Ma election.BEIJING—The leaders of China and Taiwan will meet on Saturday for the first time since the two governments split in 1949 at the end of the Chinese civil war, in a clear sign of Beijing’s concerns about upcoming Taiwanese elections.
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, over 700 Taiwanese high school students climbed the barricades of the education ministry demanding a meeting with the minister. The event is part of a recent string of protests that are threatening to shake up the upcoming Taiwanese elections and send Taipei’s relationship with Beijing into a new and uncertain direction.

The Taiwanese legislative elections taking place on December 1 are unique in China’s long history

Pro-China Ruling Party Loses Ground in Taiwan Elections

Taiwan has been a relative oasis of Asian geopolitical calm in recent years, with cross-strait ties improving gradually. American observers like Kurt Campbell see Taiwan as a rare case of quiet Sino-American diplomacy (see video). In a relationship where, as Campbell says, competition far exceeds cooperation, an uneasy Taiwan consensus has been achieved. Still, circumstances can change quickly and unexpectedly, especially when Taiwanese elections loom.

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In short, while Taiwanese elections have become a routine event, their role and meaning for US-PRC-Taiwan relations continue to evolve rapidly. To help its readers stay on top of these events, FPRI will publish a series of briefs between now and the January 16, when Taiwanese will elect a new president and parliament.