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Thermal spreading is a technology of decreasing the hot spot for electronic cooling and other high heat flux applications, and is characterized by high heat transfer, uniformity of heat removal. Vapor chamber is one of the Thermal spreading technologies which depend on two phase heat pipe technology. This paper provides an introduction to vapor chamber for electronic cooling, high power LEDs, multi heat sources, communication devices, and bio technology applications, reviews the development of thermal spreading technology nowadays, and summarizes the data regarding effects of vapor chamber inside thermal module, future applications, and suggestion. Some models of multi heat sources cooling were also presented.

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Examples of technology that are relatively simple include overhead projectors and televisions. Then there are slightly more advanced uses of technology such as lab equipment (microscopes, kits for testing water quality, kits for sequencing DNA etc.). While each of these tools can be very effective in a biology classroom (see section on "Specific Uses" below), they are examples of technology that do not require much thought into how to use them most effectively. On other hand, the hot area of technology nowadays, the COMPUTER, does require careful consideration about how to use it most benefically in the classroom. Below, we examine the issues surrounding computer use.

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The 21 century is century of the new technologies. Humanity created a lot of new things which changed our life. Only 10 years ago we hardly could believe we would have mobile phones, such modern personal computers, notebooks, international net without we cannot image our life. They have become a part life.
I think nowadays we need new technologies such as mobile phones, because people use phones, it has become not the thing of luxury and has become thing of necessity. Some years ago we lived without mobile phones, could find each other, but know we cannot. Mobile phones make life easier due to them we opened possibilities which could not even image. Holding on hand phones we are able to do everything: to call everywhere to everyone and to know everything as technology in telephones there is all what we need. You want to listen music – please, there is mp3 player with big memory for music; you want make a photo of lovely place – phones have cameras; there is radio, even internet and so on. Industry does not stop on one place it is always in movement.
To my mind the greatest creation of humanity is internet. Internet is a place where we can find impossibility. People have learnt internet perfectly and now they can use for jobs, education and etc. if anybody wants to know, for example, about Africa he can to click and just read all about it or we need picture of beautiful nature of Asia internet momentary gives information. We have chance to see and read about everything sitting at home without difficulties.
Also the important role in humanity life plays computers. If some years ago people write by pen but now people use computer for studying and working. On computers we make projects, print books, keep documents and a lot possibility.
All our jobs depend on new technologies. With them we are powerful and confident. It is so important to have new technology nowadays, because we depend on them and education, jobs connect with technologies. They made our life comfortable and easy and humanity has already got used to technology

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If you have used the internet in the last years (and I suspect you have), you have probably seen a picture on your Facebook feed or on your Tumblr dashboard or nearly everywhere pointing out, with a sense of superiority, how people are slaves of technology nowadays, always using their electronic devices in public. I’m talking about illustrations like . Or comics like . Or short films like . Or articles like or . Or photographic projects like . Again, I could go on. The world wide web is filled with all kinds of expressive works related to this issue, probably because it’s something people care about. But I feel that most of that content treats it using the same premise: smartphones are ruining our lifes (at least to some extent).

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The most important classroom technology nowadays is not a classroom projector, laptop or tablet – it's the swivel chair, according to one environment and behavior researcher.

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It's an easy mistake to make: Believing technology nowadays only focuses on a narrow, decidedly younger swath of the market. But companies dissing the Baby Boomer set do so at their own peril.