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Now, every sea novel worth its salt has not one, but several themes. Many of which will be the same that infuse any good novel. Thus, one theme of MOBY-DICKis revenge; a theme of BILLY BUDD is cruelty; and so forth.

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One suggested theme of Billy Budd is the corruption of innocence by society

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The narrator compares Billy's confused state of mind here to that of a "young horse fresh from the pasture," who suddenly inhales "a vile whiff from some chemical factory" and keeps snorting and snorting to try to get the smell out of its nostrils. How relevant this image is to our own times of air pollution and toxic waste! It also suggests that one theme of Billy Budd might be about the transition from a simple world of green pastures to a mechanized society dominated by smokestacks, rigid factory schedules, and inhuman rules. Billy's kind of heroism and innocence simply can't survive in a world of polluting factories and corrupt cities.

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Thus, one theme of MOBY-DICK is revenge; a theme of BILLY BUDD is cruelty; and so forth
For legal scholars, this theme of Billy Budd was played out not only in the streets but also in the courtrooms of America

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Analysis of the major characters in Billy Budd, Sailor, focusing on their personalities, motivations, relationships, and their roles in the themes of Billy Budd, Sailor.

Billy possesses innocence not only in appearance, ..

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