Today's Objective: Introduce five themes of Ethan Frome.

The imagery of Ethan Frome is built around cold, ice and snow, and hues of white. The characters constantly complain about the cold, and the climactic scene hinges on the use of a winter sport—sledding—as a means of suicide. These motifs work to emphasize the novel's larger theme of winter as a physically and psychologically stifling force. Like the narrator, we initially find beauty in the drifts, flakes, and icicles. Eventually, however, the unremittingly wintry imagery becomes overwhelming and oppressive, as the overall tone and outlook of the book become increasingly bleak. The cumulative effect is to make the reader feel by the end of the novel that, like Ethan himself, we have “been in Starkfield too many winters.”

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Determinism and naturalism are also present in this novel, which were subjects of high interest during the late nineteenth century (during which this novel is set.) Darwin and Huxley are important figures in this era, and influenced many aspects of society including literature in America. Determinism and naturalism refer to a type of world in which one’s fate is decided at birth, and in which the natural world is not forgiving or redeeming, it merely exists, as do the individuals that have little or no control over it. Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” doctrine makes people question whether they were born to survive or born to fail. Nature is the determining factor of fate, which is clearly present in the character of Ethan Frome ().

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This is one of the more enjoyable novels I have read in high school andI think this film adaptation fits the book very well. It is about thelife of husband Ethan Frome (Liam Leeson) and his disabled wife, ZeenaFrome (Joan Allen). They hire a young woman, Mattie Silver (PatriciaArquette), to help tend to household needs and, as time passes, she andEthan fall in love.

I've found this movie to be quite enjoyable and engaging, as its dramaand plot are enthralling and beautifully depicted. The plot does flowwell as the movie is faithfully executed in accordance with the noveland the acting is quite astounding for the most part. The charactersespecially the three leads are sympathetic and phenomenal - you feelthe suffering Zeena's illness is causing her and the complexitysurrounding the forbidden love of Ethan and Mattie. The simplicity ofthe Victorian town the movie is set in and the snowy weather give thestory a solemn atmosphere.

If you have read the novel before watching this film, you will stillfeel intrigued by the plot and find the course of the eventssuspenseful, wondering how everything will play out at the end. It's agood piece of movie drama that is a must-see.

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This line, along with the theme of theme of this poem, can go along with the themes of Ethan Frome

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One of the ironies of Ethan Frome is that the character who is meant to be the invalid - Zeena - is the one who most ruthlessly wields power. The character who is, for most of the novel, strong and healthy - Ethan - is unable to assert his own will. He submits first to Zeena's will, then to Mattie's (the suicide pact) before ending up once again under the domination of Zeena.

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The setting of Ethan Frome, also expresses the isolation. Around the turn of the century, in Ethan Frome's time, the town of Starkfield was a cold and lifeless place. Life is dreary and cheerless in Starkfield. People stay indoors and keep to themselves. Weeks pass between visits with friends or neighbors. Wharton calls Starkfield a small farming community, and the town does live up to it's name. It's desolate and it's people are poor. Ethan can barely scrape a living off the land. The town Starkfield afflicts Ethan and helps to shape his destiny. Like the town, he is sullen and run-down. Starkfield sits alone in its valley, isolated from the world around it. Ethan is also isolated. He left the lonely valley to go to college, but since returing he has gone scarcely more than few miles from his remote farm. Physically, and therefore, emotionally, he is trapped by his wife, his farm, and his poverty. Ethan is in some ways, a piece of the scenery, or as the narrator says, "a part of the mute melancholy landscape, an incarnation of frozen woe." He lacks the strength to shake himself loose before it's too late. The author is able to clearly portray the themes of isolation and loneliness through the characters and the setting. In conclusion, I feel that Ethan Frome should be included in a list of works of high literary merit, because it is a classic.

After they share their descriptions with the class, tell students that the themes of Ethan Frome are reinforced by the images that Wharton uses. Love and Marriage.

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