A trustworthy friend behaves well to everyone not just their friends.

... I'll be sure to say hello to your trustworthy friends!" he proclaimed in what surely is a sarcastic and gleeful reference to a courtroom meeting he hopes to have with his dad's mob superiors and ...

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I am everybody's trustworthy friend.

I think that you have to use good judgement and ‘evaluate’ for lack of a better word, if you think that these are trustworthy friends who won’t gossip about you. You’ll start to feel more comfortable around them. I am by no means an expert on this subject, I struggle with what’s appropriate to do often. But hope this helps

I am everbody's trustworthy friend.

Okay, I’m gonna sound REALLY crazy, but bear with me.
I’ve been looking at other comments, and they keep saying that you need to make sure that you surround yourself with the right friends. This is my definition of a trustworthy friend: When you laugh, I laugh; when you cry, I cry; when you fall, I laugh so hard the I fall too.
I know this sounds crazy, but again, bear with me. A real friend is not afraid to tell you what they really think about you. Once, I was on a stage in front of about 800 people…… hoarse. I could not talk without squeaking like a cat. I went up there to speak….. and squeaked. The people who laughed at me the most, and still laugh at me a year later, are also the people that I know I can go to with anything at any time.
That’s just my two cents.

A trustworthy friend does not pretend and doesn't alter depending on who they're talking to.
Our minds and our feelings, they're not the trustworthy friends we thought they were.

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Christian culture has become so “tribe exclusive” that my favorite, most trustworthy friends… are atheists. Why? Well, because they love me for me, want to be in a relationship simply for the relationship, and they’re not going to stop being my friend if my theology shifts. Truth be told, I wish my Christian friends were like my atheist friends because I’d love to feel the relational safety of believing they’re not going to walk out on our friendship.

Our minds and our feelings, they're not as trustworthy friends as we think they are

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... Some people find it helpful to take stock of their lives by talking things out with trustworthy friends or an individual who shares with them that they can heal themselves. It is also important to ...

These are a few of the traits that I look for in a trustworthy friend. I hope this list helps you as you consider who you can trust.

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... We are based around a core group of trustworthy friends, and we strive to be beneficial and safe. 0 0 No Posts Products For Baby Forum Topics Posts Last Post All Baby Accessories ...