Wishing you Ut Prosim throughout the seasons,

It was no accident that Miss Hooke, in 1886, selected the school motto, Ut Prosim, for Wenona. This motto was chosen to ensure that Wenonians would recognise that service and personal investment is necessary for a community to grow, to become stronger, to flourish and achieve great deeds.

The new Ut Prosim Society members:

It is an honor to present the Aspire! Award for UT PROSIM to my valued colleague, Tricia Smith.

This is from last year, but still proud of it! GO HOKIES!

In our world where Ut Prosim isn’t a way of life for all, it’s even more important that those of us who embrace it do so with gusto. While bringing all our friends along is a lofty goal, what really matters at the end of the day is - did you achieve yours? Perhaps by being a respected example, we are also subtle motivators to others. When living a life of Ut Prosim, service no longer feels like work – it feels like enlightenment.

'Ut Prosim' (that I may serve) pylon of the War Memorial Chapel

Conversations of the Ut Prosim Learning Aspiration Committee this year focused upon sharing the beauty and vision of the University’s motto, “Ut Prosim – That I May Serve.” As students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners embrace Ut Prosim as a way of life, the opportunity for us to learn from and with one another flourishes. As a community we learn about each other’s strengths and interests – thus, gleaning a grander understanding of how to serve one another and the community in which we live… as a way of life.

Wishing you Ut Prosim throughout the seasons,
For well over a century, the Latin phrase Ut Prosim has stood as the motto of Virginia Tech. Literally thousands of Hokies have recited the phrase, normally with a quick reference to its English translation: That I May Serve. However, for most Hokies, past and present, the real translation of Ut Prosim goes from the lips to the heart and then to the hands—from words to deeds. These deeds of service for others and to others always contribute to the betterment of individuals, families, and communities around the world. The demonstration of Ut Prosim by Hokie great David Clowney is nothing short of remarkable. His work in Haiti and now his interest in going to Ghana to work with children is a refreshing story of an athlete leveraging fame and fortune for the benefit of others. What a shining tribute to his character and what a wonderful role model he is for all of us! It is so refreshing to read about such dedication and service. Thanks, David Clowney, for demonstrating what it means to be a Hokie!
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The Big Event at Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech Relay For Life are hosting Ut Prosim Week!

Monday, March 16th: Ut Prosim Spirit Day

Hokies are encouraged to wear shirts supporting their favorite service organizations on campus.

Tuesday, March 17th: What does Ut Prosim mean to you?

We will be on the Drillfield asking Hokies to write on signs what Ut Prosim means to them.

Wednesday, March 18th: Benny Marzano's Profit Share

Benny's has graciously allowed us to have a profit share day from 11am-11pm in which a portion of the profits will go to Relay For Life and Big Event.

Thursday, March 18th: Ut Prosim fair and Tech Factor

The Ut Prosim fair will be on the Drillfield during the day. We have reserved the space and invited all of the campus service organizations to hold booths on the Drillfield to advertise for their philanthropy. Not only is this great for these organizations, but it will help educate students about the variety of service opportunities at Virginia Tech.

Tech Factor will be held in the GLC at 7pm as a talent show, showcasing a variety of student performance groups. We envision this as an act of Ut Prosim by encouraging support from students across various student performance groups.

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Ut Prosim - That I May Serve - YouTube

November 14, 2014 Recipients
– – Courageous
– Curiosity
– Self-Understanding
and Integrity
Ut Prosim
– Civility

Faculty/Staff  – Ut Prosim

What does"Ut prosim"mean? | Answerbag

“Ut Prosim.” That I might serve is the motto of the university. It stems from our roots as a military institute where citizen soldiers would earn a degree before leaving to serve this country. The tradition survives in the Corps of Cadets today. It also was manifested on April 16th, 2007 when teachers and students alike performed the ultimate service of placing their bodies in harms way. Some like Professor Librescu held the door shut while Choi fired mercilessly in. His service and sacrifice allowed others to live. Librescu was not alone. Other Hokies barred entryways to buy time for others to jump out of 2 story windows of the Norris building.