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At Renaissance Recovery, we value honesty and make every attempt to provide a save environment for our clients to share their secrets in intense outpatient therapy setting as well as in a individual therapy setting.

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This is a discussion on The Value of Honesty within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Out of all of the virtues that is available to the human character, I prize honesty above all else. Let ...

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Knowing that your child has smoked marijuana or is sexually active may mean that what isimportant is protecting her and stating your concern for her, rather than getting her to admit toyou what she has done. She does not need to acknowledge unsafe activity in order to accept helpand protection from you. In this case, the goal of keeping your child safe may conflict with yourvalue of honesty."One explanation is that when institutions and technology are underdeveloped, honesty is important as a substitute for formal contract enforcement," Hugh-Jones explained. "Countries that develop cultures putting a high value on honesty are able to reap economic gains."EDIT: So the situation is that my good friend dated a girl that was close to me. Since I was close to them both, I assumed neither would go behind my back with this kind of thing. I am open to feelings and respect people's choices so I thought this kind of thing would not be omitted from me. On top of that, I know another close friend who was really attached to the same girl. He too was kept in the dark. I really value honesty (my parents ironed that into my brain growing up, to both exercise honesty and to treasure it) so it hurt quite a bit upon realization I was not told but I didn't hold a grudge. I just found it hard to trust them again but I want and will give them a second chance. I guess I was searching for what degree of forgiveness. Anyways, thank you everyone for sharing your opinions and thoughts. To instill the value of honesty,we need to talk about it, model it, and explain why honesty is an important value. Honest people are trustworthy, sincere, and genuine people. Honesty is a value worth having.Yet according to Search Institute, honesty is a big deal. Of youth surveyed, 67% say they believe it is important to tell the truth even when it is not easy. And there’s a difference between girls and boys: 73% of girls say they value honesty, whereas only 60% of boys do.Researchers at the University of East Anglia assessed how people in different countries value honesty and found that people in the United Kingdom and Japan were most likely to be truthful compared to people in China and Turkey.
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Candor is one of the five in the world of , and was formed by those who blamed duplicity and deception for human nature's faults. Because of this, the Candor are known to value honesty, and their symbol is a set of unbalanced scales bound by a circle. Their substance in the is glass. Its faction colors are black and white.

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True forgiveness is hard. You cannot remove your mind but you can make decisions to forgive and cast those lies aside. Emotions are the culprit here; your friends just got caught up with emotional feelings and decided to keep their relationship a secret. Be honest with your friends and let them know you value honesty above everything. You were kept out of the loop and you are hurting, that is a normal feeling. Time is a great healer and your life will shine bright if you continue with these good values. The right people will be attracted to you (though few). This is a wake-up call for you to realize that the best of friends can be dishonest. Even Jesus had this happen and forgave, so you are in good company.

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Honesty may be the best policy, but its not always top priority. According to new research out of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, the way people define and value honesty varies from country to country.