Writing a Customer Survey: Crafting Quality Questions

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Writing a Customer Survey: Choosing the Best Format

Writing a Customer Survey: Work Toward Getting a Great Response Rate

Writing a Customer Survey: Interpreting the Results

Simply seeking the web versus mobile activity of a specific user cohort could mean asking a valuable software engineer to spend time writing a custom database query, because automatic data plugins and customer relationship management (CRM) tools don't always cut it.

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Whatever language your database is built in, I can guarantee that having a star engineer train the marketing team on writing customer database queries is one of the best investments your company can make. It's a major step in .

Hi Danny – No, there’s no difference. We both write customer success stories for B2B companies (mostly high-tech companies).
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How to Write Great Customer Service Emails

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Writing customer service standards : Writing And Editing Services

How to Write a Customer Appreciation Letter (with Sample Letters)

Using writing samples based on your company’s customer service e-mails, you will review, revise and write customer-focused e-mail. You’ll receive feedback from instructors to reinforce your writing skills.

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The Art of Writing Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires

We had just finished discussing a five-step formula for writing customer relations letters when Greg Johnson, a participant in a seminar I was teaching in Minneapolis, said, "I just got a letter from Dayton's Department Store that I thought was well written."